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The InterViews podcast series provides first-person accounts of the lives and work of National Academy of Sciences members. In this series of one-on-one conversations, scientists talk about what inspired them to pursue the careers they chose and describe some of the most fascinating aspects of their research.

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Featured InterView:

John Hildebrand (Neuroscience)
University of Arizona

As a young man, neurobiologist John Hildebrand was torn between his love of science and his passion for playing music. So he chose to live a dual life, working as a professional musician by night and leading innovative scientific studies of the insect nervous system by day.

Using the moth Manduca sexta as a model, Hildebrand has explored the connection between olfaction--the sense of smell--and behavior. His work has revealed unexpected links between smell perception and brain development, as well as the role of smell in feeding and host selection--an area of research that's critical to human health because it plays a role in vector-borne diseases like malaria.

John Hildebrand is a Regents' professor of neuroscience at the University of Arizona. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2007.

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