Earth Lab: Degrees of Change

Earth is warming. Heat waves have become longer and more extreme. Cold snaps have become shorter and milder. Northern Hemisphere snow cover has decreased. Rivers and lakes are freezing later and thawing earlier. Arctic sea ice has declined. Glaciers and ice caps are melting in many parts of the world.

Why is this happening? What impacts will it have? What can we do about it?


The Koshland Science Museum closed on November 27, 2017. Since 2004, it has provided an opportunity for visitors to learn about science and its importance as a decision-making resource in their daily lives. Following a review of other modes of engaging the public, however, the work of the museum will be carried out through a new program of activities that will take place in a variety of locations and online, interacting with a broad range of community partners in its continuing mission to help people use science to solve problems. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting transition!

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